MAGOTEX is a worsted spinning mill established in the 70'S in the Biella area, specializing in the production of yarns for weaving and knitted underwear but in constant development also with the introduction of knitted outwear yarns.

The main yarn production is in 100% wool and wool/acrylic-microfibres. Even now Magotex transforms and produces on its own premises in Biella working with well-experienced outside partners for many decades, thus allowing us to be proud of our products which are made exclusively in Italy.

Magotex has decided to emphasize the productive aspect also by naming articles with place-names from the Biella area.

Filatura Magotex di Goi Gian Luca & C. s.a.s. - via E. Garizio, 7 - 13900 Biella (BI) - P.IVA 00510850027 - Tel. +39 015 23928 - Fax. +39 015 2451000

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