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Automatic valve packing machine

Product introduction

Material from the finished warehouse into the buffer warehouse of the packaging machine, the homogenization mixing system will homogenize the material, can effectively discharge the gas contained in the material from the buffer warehouse, but also has the role of preventing material caking and bridging, so as to ensure the smooth packaging process. When the filling weight reaches the preset quantitative value, the packing machine stops feeding, and the pneumatic device returns the packing bag to the conveyor to complete a single bag packing.

Technical Parameters

Weight Range5-50kg
Display Resolution10g
Precision0.2% F  S
Speed100-240 bags/h
Bag Type Valve Bag
Power SourceAC380V 50Hz
Air Consumption1 m3/h
Air Pressure0.5-0.6Mpa
Power4.4 kw