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Ring Die Pellet Mill

Product introduction

1. Main drive adopts high accurate gear drive with higher efficiency , steady running and low noise.
2. Feeder uses frequency conversion motor, it can be adjusted within a certain scope according to the need of production;
3. The safe protection device is consist of interlock device, outer machine discharging device and over-load protection device, to ensure the safe and reliable;
4. Install magnetic separation and removal iron equipment, to prevent the iron impurities that mixed in fodder from entering into the suppression of granulation chamber.
5. Extended stainless steel conditioner, with long conditioning and cooking time;
6. The special designed lubrication oil return system, to ensure the bearing lubrication.
7. The ordinary conditioner, thermal insulation conditioner or double-shaft differential conditioner can be chose according to user’s requirement;

Technical Parameters

Capacity0.5-1.5 T2-5 T3-7 T3-10 T3-12 T10-20 T